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Credit card or the consumer credit

5 June 2008

Distinction of the credit scheme gives a difference of debts’ repayment mode - in case of credit card revolving the client is obliged to repay a part of the sum monthly, and overdraft card obliges the borrower to repay at once all debts within one month.
Banks try to use various ways to attract clients in [...]

World’s largest country-creditor

26 May 2008

Japan - is the world’s largest country-creditor, and positive balance between its made abroad and received from abroad investments into all forms has exceeded 250,2 bln. yens (more than $2,4 bln.).
Within the year this balance has increased on 16,3 %. It is spoken in the report of the Ministry of Finance, widespread in Tokyo.
Japan wins [...]

United Nations predict new shocks in the financial markets

31 March 2008

United Nations’ experts do not exclude opportunity of significant delay of growth of economy of the USA and new shocks in the financial markets. Such information has been given in the report of the Economic and social commission of the United Nations for the of Asia and Pacific Ocean countries.
As experts mark, negative influence on [...]

Goldman Sachs: world credit crisis will manage in $1,2 billion

26 March 2008

Present credit crisis will lead to direct losses by world private financial institutions for the sum of $1,2 billion. Such information has been represented in report of American investment bank Goldman Sachs.
According to the report, 40 % of the given sum, or $460 billion, will be lost by the American banks, investment and a hedge-funds [...]

India cancels 15 milliard farmers’ debt

10 March 2008

The government of India will release small farmers from the debts at a rate of 15 billion dollars. Such provision is set in the budget for 2008. This law concerns all farmers, whose allotments are less than two hectares. There are approximately 40 million people.
The budget in India is calculated from April, 1 till March, [...]

4 from 10 Americans worry about the debts

6 March 2008

At the end of February Bankrate, Inc. has published results of the national poll, which have shown that 61 % of Americans have non-mortgage debt. 64 % of respondents-debtors have recognized that the debts for them are an occasion for anxiety.
The main results of the poll are the following:
- The attitude of Americans to [...]

The American incident

3 March 2008

The situation when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry has happened in New York. 48-years old American is accused of theft of money which … was given to him by bank.
Benjamin Louwell, the seller from New York, has withdrawn from an account of his namesake 2 million dollars. The yesterday’s lucky beggar explains [...]

Thousand of bank employees abroad are jobless

22 February 2008

Crisis has touched bank workers of over the world. Reduction of the staff, discharges for inaptitude, constant work check-ups and attestation - the bank staff massively lose workplaces.
An interesting fact: two leading experts have been dismissed from the large American bank - Bank of America. Robert Morris and John Macdonald are not [...]

The British bank has withdrawn 160 thousand credit cards

6 February 2008

British Internet-bank Egg has withdrawn about 160 thousand credit cards of the clients with “a risk level above acceptable”, informs AFP.
Credit cards will stop functioning in 35 days that has displeased clients of the bank. Some of them are perplexed concerning the reasons of refusal.
In total Egg has given two million credit cards, [...]

American bank has lost the data about 650 thousand holders of credit cards

23 January 2008

American bank GE Money has lost the data containing the personal advertisement of more than 650 thousand US residents, who has used programs of consumer crediting in popular trading networks, informs AP.
The data have been recorded on a streamer which should be stored in a special warehouse. However during the verification in October, 2007, [...]