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Largest US banks are asking for additional capitalization

29 April 2009

Largest American banks - Bank of America Corp. and Citigroup Inc. are asking for additional capitalization. Results of stresses-tests of the largest banks of the USA have showed lack of capitalization. Some regional banks also will face capital shortage.
As The Wall Street Journal marks, results of stresses-tests regulators recommended Citigroup and Bank of America to [...]

Ireland will help national banks

21 January 2009

The government of Ireland invests 5,5 billion euro in three national banks of the country, having received packages of preference shares of these financial institutions in exchange. Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Banks will receive €2 billion. They will give to authorities 25 percent packages of preference shares, on which will pay 8 % [...]

European banks are looking for way out from crisis

17 October 2008

At absence of the coordinated policy of EU on support of the banks, which have suffered during global credit crisis, the European financial structures differently solve the problems.
On Sunday the government of Germany and consortium of German private banks have developed the new plan of rescue from bankruptcy of large hypothec holding Hypo Real Estate [...]

Citigroup: situation in developing markets will get worse

15 October 2008

American bank Citigroup has warned about the further deterioration of a situation in developing markets the nearest months, especially in the countries with unstable political situation.
Representative of City Private Bank in Asian-Pacific region recommends investors to put means in those sectors of economy, which show the greatest stability, such as public health services, the municipal [...]

Japanese banks become more active

26 July 2008

The bank sector of Japan has overcome consequences of the American hypothec crisis almost lost-free. Local financial institutions operated cautiously and promised high percent reacted to investment offers at the minimal risks. The Japanese bank branch has started to show activity just now.
According to Association of the Japanese banks, net-profit all financial institutions of the [...]

ECB has raised a discount rate up to 4,25 %

19 July 2008

The European central bank (ECB) has raised a discount rate on 0,25 percentage items. Thus, the parameter has made 4,25 % annual. Such decision was accepted today, on July, 3rd, at session of advice of managing directors of bank.
Decision of ECB has coincided with expectations of analysts, who predicted, that the bank will raise the [...]

Deutsche Bank: credit crisis has almost ended

19 May 2008

End of credit crisis comes and US real estate market should be restored in second half of year. Such information has been declared by chapter Deutsche Bank Joseph Akkermann.
According to his words the end of financial crisis has come. It has not come to the end yet, but signals from the USA encourage. He has [...]

Failure to return credits may be punished by forced labor

18 February 2008

Russia has worked out the bill according to which persistent non-payers of consumer credits can be punished by forced labor for the term from 180 till 240 hours. Other punishment will be the penalty 100 thousand rubles or the sum of the revenue.
The bill, besides suggestions to toughen punishments for defaulters, contains regulations about introduction [...]

More than one million British risk to be left without a roof over the head!

8 February 2008

More than one million British will experience difficulties with refunding mortgage credits, if economy deceleration will force banks to continue toughening of lending money criteria, is said in the sixth annual «Forecast of financial risks», made the British Financial Services Authority (FSA).
FSA emphasizes three high risk factors, which can force homeowner to declare mortgage credit [...]

Russian financial market holds the ground, but squeaks

29 January 2008

And this creak first of all is reflected in small and medium banks. In searches of the way-out from an adverse situation they fasten eyes on the average investor.
Deposit interest rates grow, drawing potential investors. Today it is not a problem to find deposits at about 12-15 % per annum. However such tempting “percent” dies [...]