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DeltaCredit has improved mortgage terms

8 April 2009

In April DeltaCredit improved terms of hypothec crediting programs.
Rates under bank programs in rubles and dollars are offered with 14,5 % and 11 % accordingly.
Thus the standard commission for all credit products makes 1,5 %.
The offer operates in all regions of DeltaCredit presence and banks-partners of its correspondent program.

DeltaCredit reduces rates under the mortgage

13 January 2009

Savings and loan association DeltaCredit reduces rates under the basic hypothec programs in dollars on 2 %. Thus the maximal validity of approval is increased up to one and a half months.
Dinara Yunusova, vice-president on development of business DeltaCredit, says that no many people are excited with a question, whether it is necessary to take [...]

Bank of America solves its main problem

24 December 2008

American financial market expects for the next wave of dismissals. Last week Bank of America has promulgated the plan on dismissals from 30 up to 35 thousand employees within three years. Management of the company is compelled to go for optimization of the costs connected with forthcoming merge Merrill Lynch and Co., and also with [...]

S&P warns Russian banks

21 November 2008

According to estimations of international rating agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P), next year the problem of Russian bank system’s debts can reach ten and more percent.
As Ekaterina Trofimova, an expert of the S&P’s branch in Paris, has explained, it will be negatively reflected in the capital of banks and level of their profitability. Now, according [...]

Chinese mortgage

30 October 2008

World financial crisis has come to builders and developers from China. In order to minimize losses and to support the real estate market, the government of China has made the decision on decrease in taxes for real estate operations, stamp duties, and also initial payments under the mortgage.
As the Chinese Ministry of Finance has informed, [...]

In a year credit crisis leave 2,5 million Americans without houses

31 August 2008

In the second quarter in the USA because of hypothec crisis the quantity of cases of deprivation of the rights to the incorporated inhabited property has doubled and Americans began to receive notices on eviction from banks, to which they have run into debt. According to branch organization RealtyTrac Inc., each 171-st American house owner [...]

Mortgage will ruin thousand British

29 June 2008

More than 23 000 Englishmen, who have taken the mortgage from the beginning of year, continue to lose money. Falling of the prices for the real estate means unprofitableness of investments in hypothec habitation as cost of the house, got in such way, becomes below the sum, which the borrower should give to the bank.
Data [...]

Savings Bank of Russia will cancel mortgages at delivery of credits

9 June 2008

The Savings Bank of Russia is going to cancel gradually mortgages and guarantees at credits delivery.
The member of board of bank (Denis Bugrov) has informed on it in lobby of the International economic forum in St.-Petersburg.
As he said credit programs, in which requirements on guarantors will be facilitated, will be already soon started. As specialists [...]

Mirax prepares for release of credit notes for the sum of $150 million

15 April 2008

Mirax Group prepares for release of credit notes (CLN) for the sum of nearby $150 million.
As it has become known, release will last for 2 years. Its’ organizers do not exclude that accommodation will be held up to the end of April.
In the end of February Mirax Group has extinguished debut CLN release for the [...]

Norway: building companies are becoming bankrupt

9 April 2008

This year more than 140 Norwegian building companies have submitted applications for bankruptcy. It is on 30 % more, than the year before.
The most part of companies declares the financial inconsistency because of inability or unavailability of clients to pay under accounts.
According to one of the similar companies owners, everything, that they have earned during [...]

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