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DeltaCredit reduces interest rate on 1,5 %

22 September 2008

Savings and loan association DeltaCredit represents the unique program of hypothec crediting in rubles - DeltaEconomy, which will allow borrowers to receive the hypothec credit under the interest rate on 1,5 % below the size within the limits of the standard program of bank.
Delta Economy is a unique product for the Russian market, intended for [...]

Credit crisis has come to Asia

18 August 2008

The majority of the Asian economies have practically not suffered from August crisis of credits of subprime level. As the American financial system tried to recover from summer crash, the Asian companies enjoyed stable profits and increased manufacture.
However, recently business in this region does not go well. Economists mark, that in June, 2008, volume of [...]

Royal Bank of Scotland predicts world financial crash

21 June 2008

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) analysts believe that within the nearest three months the world share market can suffer crash, which will become one of the most scale for last 100 years, predicting, that by September of this year S&P 500 index will lose 22 %. At the same time HBOS bank’s experts consider, that [...]

Russia needs diversification

17 May 2008

Its’ rating of competitiveness has decreased. Despite of credit crisis, the USA remain the most competitive country the world though in following the American economy can concede year in the leading position. Experts of Swiss business school IMD annually measure a competitive climate in 55 states of the world. As well as one year ago, [...]

US hypothec brokers are suspected of swindle

6 May 2008

The federal Office of Public Prosecutor of the USA finds out, whether swindle disappeared behind falling of the hypothec tools prices.
Public prosecutors from East district of New York are engaged in investigation. The working group, which structure includes representatives of federal and local supervising bodies, and also regulators of staffs, has been created.
According to the [...]

Great Britain: the number of the approved hypothec credits has sharply decreased

4 May 2008

The bank of England has informed, that the number of the approved hypothec credits in the Great Britain has decreased to a record minimum in March, 2008.
The quantity of the approved credits has decreased up to 64 thousand from 72 thousand month earlier (despite of the analysts’ forecast in 65 thousand)
The volume of all consumer [...]

Fitch: crisis continues to reduce banks’ ratings

27 April 2008

Agency Fitch Ratings has declared, that preservation of crisis of liquidity in the world financial markets continues to put pressure upon banks’ ratings.
In the 1st quarter of 2008 excess of quantity of “negative” forecasts on ratings above quantity of “positive” forecasts has proceeded, and the number of the lead negative rating actions for a quarter [...]

The role of insurance companies in the hypothec market

20 April 2008

On a background of insignificant delay of rates of a gain of macroeconomic parameters in 2005, during 2000-2006 Ukraine has been showing stable economic growth and real incomes of the population have the positive tendency to increase. Volumes of housing construction have the precise tendency to growth, but they make only 40 % from level, [...]

New adjusting body for banks will be created in USA

11 April 2008

Next week US Finance Minister Henry Polson will meet with senators and management of financial companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for discussing with the bill of creation of new adjusting body for the control over bank system.
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae’s managers will, accordingly, meet a management of Exchequer and two senators, leading work [...]

USA: the number of nonpayments under credits grows

4 April 2008

The number of delays under consumer credits payments in the USA has grown up to a maximum since 1992. Such application has been made by the American Bankers Association (ABA).
According to ABA increase of quantity of delays of payments at least for 30 days has been fixed in all eight categories of credits. The percent [...]

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