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Bank of America plans to return $45 billion to the government

22 May 2009

On the informal data, one of the largest banks in the USA America Corp. (BofA) plans to return $45 billion of state help to the American bank till the end of 2009. BofA expects to receive money from private investors and sale of not profile actives. In particular, the bank is intended to get more [...]

AmEx pays $300 dollars for the account

15 May 2009

Largest American bank cards-emitter American Express (AmEx) is ready to pay $300 to each client, in case of debt liquidation of debt account. Analysts believe that such step will help company to reduce growth of nonpayment under credits.
In terms of financial boom the card companies actively increased the client base by means of special offers [...]

Swiss Re leaves Russian market

6 May 2009

Since May, 12th, one of the world’s largest reinsurance companies Swiss Re closes the Moscow office,¬ which was engaged in operations of life and health reinsurance. Head office managers prove, that this decision is connected not with crisis, but with desire to simplify organizational structure of the company all over the world.
Swiss Re informs that [...]

UBS will fire more than 26 thousand employees

15 April 2009

In April Swiss bank UBS declares about additional of the staff reduction on 26,4 thousand people - basically in Switzerland.
First of all, the departments, which have not been connected directly with bank activity, for example, marketing departments, will suffer.
The Swiss company on actives management, winning first place in the world on the size of actives, [...]

Swiss banks’ top-managers are forbidden to leave the country

30 March 2009

Swiss private banks have forbidden their top-managers to leave the country, even if they want to visit France and Germany, because of fears, that those will be arrested in connection with world struggle against bank secret.
The head of one large Swiss bank has informed on conditions of anonymity that USA and Germany have started to [...]

AIG has directed more than half of the means allocated for its rescue

17 March 2009

Rescue of a financial system of the USA acquires scandals. Insurance company AIG has disclosed information about how it used state injections: $93 bln. have been listed to the American and European banks within the limits of execution of obligations under contracts of the insurer. The major part of this sum has been given to [...]

Fannie Mae has lost more than $25 billion

6 March 2009

In the fourth quarter 2008 losses of American hypothec agency Fannie Mae in the fourth quarter has made $25,2 billion.
Hypothec giant has informed, that $15,2 billion is required to it to cover the deficit of the means, caused by growth of volumes of bad debts and falling of interest rates.
In the fourth quarter, 2008, Fannie [...]

Moody’s: Western banks do not want to rescue “daughters”

18 February 2009

International rating agency Moody’s Investors Service expresses concern concerning readiness of the West European banks to support to the affiliated companies in the Eastern Europe in terms of promptly worsening macroeconomic climate.
As it is marked in Moody’s report, after several years of rapid growth in economy of the Eastern Europe, the period of deep and [...]

UBS faces great losses

11 February 2009

In 2008 Swiss bank UBS has incurred ¬ the losses, which became unexpectedly great not only for the company, but also for all corporate history of Switzerland. Now the European bank, which has suffered from crisis, hopes to correct situation at the expense of reductions of employees and reorganization.
Last year UBS’ losses reached almost EUR [...]

DeltaCredit reduces rates

28 January 2009

Specializing savings and loan association DeltaCredit has lowered rates under the basic programs of hypothec crediting in rubles. Thus, the minimal value has made 14,5 %. Thus the standard commission of bank is lowered up to 1,5 %.
Dinara Yunusova, vice-president on development of business DeltaCredit, says that DeltaCredit offers one of the most favorable hypothec [...]

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