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Swiss banks’ top-managers are forbidden to leave the country

30 March 2009

Swiss private banks have forbidden their top-managers to leave the country, even if they want to visit France and Germany, because of fears, that those will be arrested in connection with world struggle against bank secret.
The head of one large Swiss bank has informed on conditions of anonymity that USA and Germany have started to struggle actively with concealment of taxes and bank secret, and the Swiss banks have been compelled to go for such measures in order to protect their employees.
This interdiction should be entered before G20 summit, where the problem of bank secret will be discussed.
Let’s remind that in 2007 UBS has appeared in the center of the whole series of the American criminal and civil prosecutions. On June, 19th, 2008, former UBS banker Bradley Birkenfeld has admitted to court of Florida, those employees of bank helped some rich clients to hide their actives from US tax specialists.
As American accusers have counted up, thus UBS has been hidden nearby $20 billion, which are belonging to US unfair citizens, and bank received annual profit in 200 million dollars from this money. UBS has already agreed to pay $780 million to the US authorities.

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