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AIG has directed more than half of the means allocated for its rescue

17 March 2009

Rescue of a financial system of the USA acquires scandals. Insurance company AIG has disclosed information about how it used state injections: $93 bln. have been listed to the American and European banks within the limits of execution of obligations under contracts of the insurer. The major part of this sum has been given to Goldman Sachs ($12,9 bln.) in which ex-Minister of Finance of the USA Henry Polson and present AIG head worked.
AIG has been rescued by the American authorities from crash in September, 2008, since then the state help volume has grown from $85 bln. to $170 bln. The company has directed $93 bln. on payments to banks within the limits of execution of obligations on insurance of their investments into hypothec securities, crediting of the securities, and also closing of contracts with banks. The largest payees from rendered AIG to the state help became were Goldman Sachs ($12,9 bln.), and also a trio of the European banks: Societe Generale ($11,9 bln.), Deutsche Bank ($11,8 bln.) and Barclays ($8,5 bln.) became the largest payees from AIG’s state help. And AIG’s payments under the obligations can increase, as the company has disclosed information since September, 16th, till December, 31st, 2008.

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